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  Meznique- Thotie Hottie

 MahogganyBlu - Boujee feat FoBay

 MahogganyBlu - Redemption feat G Dark

 AyeJax The Great - Facetime

 Reggie Lowe The Credit Man - Get Ya Credit Right

MonteezyOnDaTrack - Girl I Think About You

$windlaaa - Shake it

Akira - - Here Now

ReddyBanz - Oh Boy

Girl Dad-Kontac,Mistah Fab,Sadat X (Brand Nubian) Hitta Slim,Erase-E,Pizzo,Lucii Dream

Earthquake- Pretti Emage

Roll With A G (Feat. Slim Spitta)- Digital G

Gothik ft. Spaceman Zack" by Kobenz

DA KASH-  "$200K" 

Lil Squid -  "Lil Squid Flow" 

""In Love Wit a Thottie" by Choppa Rankz

""On Tha Road" featuring Bob G by Taylor Made Da Prince 

"""Kobenz" by Kobenz  

""Everything I Love" by Domo Skyy

""Legend" by Baby Simba

""Battle Hardened" by Woo HiTech

""Say Goodbye Ft Jamal B" by Glock-9ne

"Throw It Back" by Sleeze the Kingpin ft Angel White

"Laney Eagles" by Kontac Dap Daniel Lucci Dream Julian Bennett 

""Teenage Rebel" by Cult Canon

""F U Thought" by The Real 9 Shots

"Luccy Day" by R-Dub

"Falling Back by Triggatrez 

"Relate" by Chandra Rhyme

"I'm Up by KeloKelz

"Para Mi Gente Latina by R3 feat. Zoreck

""Who" by CE Da Bear

"Nobody Like You" by Louis Swagú

"ZoeWorld" by S3MI

Heartbroken by 3Dee

Last Chance U by

Kontac,Julian Bennett,Dap Daniel,Luci Dream

 Over it / Climax by Falco

 Hands Up by Dread Jefe

Wanna Party by Tha Unda

“Gotham" by John Ivory

Sniper Girl by NotASlave

Groundhog Day  by YoursTru Bigga

BACK on the Road by JustKev

Crazy by Lucii Dream

Let's Make Love by Gator Feat. Telopath

Falling and Faded by Chuck Jay

Love You Betterby Shavazz The Weirdo

Never Stop by Nandes

Found a Plug  ft Brandy B by Butta Soprano

 "Been Down" by 202TopNotch

 "Stay Patience' by TOOF

 "Enemy' by REMMEH

 "Crone by 2_Dymes

 "Trippin" by LIL SQUID

 "Me Vs You" by Pretti Emage

 "Help Me" by Mowille

 'All I Do Is Try' by Edward Sylvain

 'Please Tell Me' by Edward Sylvain

Turn on Me" by Blacc Cuzz

Madan’m Mwen" by RE-MI feat JET BLVCK 

External Motivation by R.E.G . Forever

We Got Them K's Too by Jae Reload x Wavii Banko

"Covid 19" by T Brown


"3019" by T-LXVE


""Stay" by DDPresents

"Dino City Legend by Drama Squad Jay

"Play In CA" by KEE BEEZ


"Loosey Goosey" by Lady Roux

"Password Living" by Thadd Williams

"Back in the Days" by GSG The Original

"Never Knew" by Yung Jeb

"Old Road" by Lil Squid

"Full Metal  by Weston Cash

"Out Ta Flip by Street Poets ft Polecat

"#IDGAF by Baby Simba

"Life Line by Tenn Dollaz feat Latoiya Williams.

"In Da Field" by XL MarketBOY 

"Kissing Game" by Kontac, Ebonni Black, Jimmie Reign

"Stalker Visions" by DaBeautifulKey

$.O.$ / $omeone $pend $ome money by lamemory feat. key west

"Time" by FeFe Blanco

"Favors" by J. MAURICE

"NotApologetic" by Masada M.E.

"Choco" by Fefe Blanco 

"Pimp Shit" by GATOR 

"Gimme 5" by GATOR ft Telopath

"Pop It" by Weston Cash ft. June B

"Good Vibes" by Jay Slim ft. S.Dot

"Travellin Man" by GATOR

"Taking it Easy" by GATOR

"Riff" by Vito Storm

"All Shades of Brown" by GATOR Featuring Weston Ca$h

 "Got the Planet"
by Xilax


Highlight" by WAI

Catch Ya Slipping" by Stone

I'm Sleep" by RonyKii

"Mom and Dad" by Lil Squid

“Them So Jealous" by Sofi Saint

“Money In The Bank" by Maine

Grind Don't Stop by C S TRIBE 319

Ignorance is Bliss by Red Dyemond

“OOOH Freestyle" by Lil Syl

 Ashes by Lil Conscious

 Girls in Dubai by Hussein

Dada Major by Joker

Metal Meadow by Ptreee

Give Me All That by Dynomite2Live

 Letter to my Fans (stuck) by Lil Squid 

 Bonnie & Clyde by B'zurkk ft Reezi

 ATAP by TPD AKA Tommy Positivity

Lord of the Pads by DJ Iceman

With Yo Bad Self by Steve Purple

I BE by Lucky T.A.G.S

On My Team Featuring

Kidd Dreamz

Live a Little

Keep On


In Love Wth You


When They See Me

Maybach Dreams


Draw Near to Me

3S Anthem

Welcome To The South

House Of Love

How That Feel

Open Gates


Never Give Up

From The South

Make Way

She's So Fine


Talk of the Town


Applying Pressure

Make it Do What It Do

Man Oh Man


Money Up

Game of Dice

Cold World

Stupid Decisions